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This might include certain visual qualities—how each artist represents three-dimensional form and space—as well as any other similarities you see between the two artists. Concentrate on the following points: Think about the stylistic qualities of other artists of this period, the advances in naturalism, the interest in perspective, etc.

There are a few minor conventions here and there to keep in mind when writing art history, but for the most part if you write well, then you will 181975 essay able to write well about art.

If a paragraph goes 181975 essay for a couple of pages, then consider that you might be cramming too much into it and that it would better be broken up into smaller paragraphs. I am interested in your own close visual observation of and thinking about these objects, but of course you will be expected to demonstrate the general validity of what you are saying.

Paragraphs should be of a reasonable size. Francis painting in the Gardner text. Writing well is difficult, but is well worth the effort, partly because polishing your words forces you to refine the thinking behind them.

The papers in this course are NOT about whether you like or dislike the works of art. We are looking at physical objects made by human beings, and trying to explain how they came about, why they look the way they do, why they represent what they do, how they functioned in the context of their own culture, and what meanings they had for their original viewers.

As you address all these questions, support your arguments with very carefully defined visual observations of specific paintings, both the ones in the Museum and those in your book.

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Avoid making broad judgments about the quality, or what you think the quality is—good or bad—of the works. Consider how all this relates to the function of sacred images, as theorized by Christian writers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the theological discussions of the nature and humanity of Christ.

Paragraphs exist for a reason: A lot of this can only be got by deeper research into the historical contexts of the works: We have discussed some of this in class, and will continue to develop these ideas in the coming weeks.

Something like this might serve depending on the paper assignment: You might make comparisons here with specific paintings in Gardner. Virgin and Child with a Donor, c. Look at specific visual qualities. The last 181975 essay of the paper 181975 essay then summarize your main points and contain a conclusion of some kind: Students may choose different paintings out of the book to make their comparative arguments in this sense: In what ways does the Straus Madonna reflect the new naturalism of this style—compared to the earlier Byzantine manner?

You need not organize them in the same order that I list them. This stylistic development, as exemplified in these two paintings, will be the main theme of your paper. All this may be expressed in body language, gesture, pose, facial expression and gaze.

The emphasis is on close looking at the objects in the museum, and training your eye to see what is visually significant about them. Also describe differences in style between the Straus Master and Giotto: Cover all the above points in your paper.

There is no secret to thinking about art.DESCRIPTIVE - Describe the first time you went on a camping ultimedescente.com should write about the activities at the camp and explain how you felt about the experience.

- (1) Describe what makes you happy and explain why. (2) ‘Honesty is the best policy.’Describe an experience when this was true for you.

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Are We What We Buy? Entering a Conversation about Brand Marketing In essay #4, you will enter in conversation with scholars who have written about branding and.

In a brief encounter with an eight-year-old boy, Marianne Bachleder heard some words of wisdom that she carries with her to this day. In this world of consumerism and greed, she is reminded to be happy with what she has.

181975 essay
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