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This was shown a numerous amount of times throughout the morning bbc breakfast business reporter stephen they featured a parade of terrorism experts and the like, none of whom could shed any light whatsoever on the situation or speculate to any degree with so little to go on.

My mum, Anne, is a hospital radiographer and my father, Eamonn, is a retired teacher, but we did not struggle because my mum was so good with money. But if I was not a financial journalist, I definitely would invest.

What is your best money decision? I am so paranoid — I had already pretty much paid my tax bill even before the tax year had ended.

It is important to me to be self-sufficient and not dependent on anyone. For too long we have pushed everyone to go to university, but doing an apprenticeship should be seen as just as good as going to university.

BBC Breakfast: Reporter 'walks off' after revealing on-air blunder

That you cannot spend it if you do not have it. The way the news is chosen is interesting as at one point in July they managed to stick to floods in Britain that killed 4 people for almost the entire running time, while nearly completely ignoring a cyclone in Pakistan that left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.

I should not have listened to everyone who kept saying to me: I see myself as a bit of a capitalist really — I like enterprise and making money. Last year was the best year of my life in terms of the money I made. I think apprenticeships are important so I would offer apprentices more money, and make companies pay them more too instead of seeing them as cheap labour.

I would wash cars and sell stuff at jumble sales. I bought myself a red Audi TT convertible three years ago as a treat. My parents were strict about not being in debt and saving to spend, and so am I.

That has been an eye-opener. I did not have a massive amount of outgoings because I was still living at home, so I saved into cash Isas. Do you save into a pension? Mostly BBC Breakfast seems to serve as advertising for other BBC programmes, with many interviews and features focusing on these, giving a biased version of how good these shows are.

About a fiver a week, but I had to earn it. I look at my bank account every day. I regularly talk about what is going on in the markets and have to interview company bosses, and in theory, that could influence share prices.

Have you ever struggled to make ends meet? Completely pointless, much like the flood coverage which mainly featured various presenters standing around in a puddle every day for weeks while revealing little of interest about the situation.

BBC News: ‘He’s alright’ Naga Munchetty leaves Dan Walker cringing with awkward snub

I do not invest in the stock market because there would be a conflict of interest with my job. Do you think it is important to give to charity? I spent some of the money I made on a holiday to Cuba and used some of it to pay my tax bill early. Not because of my BBC salary — that has not changed for several years — but because of all the extra shows I have been doing and the speeches.

How much pocket money did you have as a child?

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters: Wikis

It is also important to give them time. We need to close the skills gap in the economy. So when I go out with my friends I will often pay the entire bill.

One of our favourite places to go is Sohe, a Thai fusion restaurant in Newcastle.

List of BBC newsreaders and reporters

Interviews with politicians have to be left to Dermot Murnaghan, who if not actually grilling the MPs like Paxman still manages to show how they will avoid giving a straight answer if they possibly can. The trouble and it is not the fault of BBC Breakfast is that most news in general these days is almost entirely based on hype and hyperbole, so that for example they have to bring in a doctor to reassure the viewers about the latest health scare that eating a apple a day will increase your risk of breast cancer or something equally ridiculous.

Since becoming a BBC breakfast presenter I have been paid four-figure sums for doing hour-long speeches for associations and at awards dinners. Have you ever been paid silly money per hour for a job?

Do you pay off your credit cards in full? Yes, but not just money. I loved doing it.BBC Breakfast presenter Steph McGovern turned an awkward story into an inspiring one when she gave a wonderfully BBC Breakfast reporter Steph McGovern responds to pregnancy rumours "i am with pie" not that it is anyones business.

You don't hear so much of this with male presenters that may like pie, we should all be able to like pie. May 30,  · Watch video · BBC Breakfast: Reporter 'walks off' after revealing on-air blunder BBC BREAKFAST viewers were left watching co-presenters Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty giggling on the sofa whilst a sulking Ben Thompson walked out of the studio, following a coffee cup blunder during his business news ultimedescente.coms: 9.

Aug 06,  · Watch video · BBC BREAKFAST’S Naga Munchetty awkwardly snubbed Ben Thompson after Dan Walker pointed out that she forgot to thank him for his stellar work on the news programme.

business reporter Ben.

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McGovern, who made her debut presenting BBC Breakfast inwas recently named Financial Broadcast Journalist of the Year.

Her show for CBBC, Pocket Money Pitch, featured young entrepreneurs aged from eight to 14 competing to turn their business ideas into success stories. Oct 02,  · The BBC briefly nosed ahead in the Breakfast TV ratings war inmore by sleight of hand than anything when they launched their service two weeks or so before the hapless TV-am.

(hence the inappropriate emphasis on business and London weather) I'll give you one guess as to the demographics of those responsible /10(). List of BBC newsreaders and reporters. BBC Business, BBC News, BBC Breakfast: Business Correspondents: Sally Bundock: BBC Business Live, BBC World News, World Business Report: Victoria Fritz: BBC Business Live, BBC Business, BBC World News, World News Today, BBC News, World Business Report: Aaron Heslehurst.

Bbc breakfast business reporter stephen
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