Describe the brand personality of the iphone

Examples of traits for the different types of brand personalities are as follows. Similarly consumers perceive exciting brands as being daring, adventurous, high spirited, imaginative, and somewhat with a sharp cutting edge especially for certain technology gadgets like the Play Station.

For each of these stores, Apple follows a strict customer service protocol, which is tailored to each region. Even the type of building matches the culture. Sincerity is highlighted by a feeling of kindness, thoughtfulness, and an orientation toward family values.

Looking at Target as an example most of us are familiar with, it quickly becomes obvious that we see Target first and foremost as a Frienda Mother and a Dreamer.

Apple has many detractors. The dimensions of Brand Personality was initially proposed by Aaker in his famous brand personality framework consisting of 5 dimensions of every brand that impacts cognitive branding, brand association and brand recollection.

It is also the key factor of any successful marketing campaign.

Brand Personality

He has published over high impact research papers. Did you also know that the iPhone is the same design regardless of region? If, for example, a new outdoor apparel company wants to resonate with consumers, the natural inclination is to create a brand personality that is rugged.

Apple has stores all around the world. Dec 19 Did you know that by the end of Octoberthe iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were available in 69 countries and territories, with a total of countries planned by the end of the ? Customers adapt to Apple, Apple does not adapt to customers.

This differentiates the brand as an upscale, high-end option to outdoor apparel, which attracts a specific type of consumer. Those are the personality traits your brand needs to fully represent from here on out in all of its visual and verbal communications.

This is the culture that people want to embrace when they wait in line at Apple Stores when they could just buy the product online. He has extensive experience in teaching, training, consultancy and research in Indian Institutes.

Competence, in the mind of a consumer, is considered to be successful, accomplished and influential, highlighted by leadership. Or at least, what they have grown accustomed to. With an initial background in technical writing from the American University of Paris Franceshe discovered the new concept and intricate world of localization and globalization, which more than 20 years later still ignites her fire.

These in turn creates the initial platform for any product or service brand to harness the strength to pull consumers, i. But the area in which they choose personalization is their technical local requirements.

Apple may use a one size-fits-all strategy for their products, but that strategy allows them to launch in so many countries because they have minimal customization to subject their phones to. It has the same look and feel, regardless of the country you are viewing the site in, but the content is highly customized in the local language, trans-created, or reviewed by local copywriters.

What if Apple has understood the underlying common-ness of all humans so that no-need for product customization is actually the highest form of cultural understanding? Their brand personality focuses on an upper-class, glamorous and trendy lifestyle, which attracts a high-spending consumer base.

Excitement is synonymous with a carefree, spirited and youthful attitude. He is the Editor and Founder of Business Fundas. Is s he helpful, clever, feisty, glamorous? Or, what if Apple has found the path to that sweet-spot, where there is a common ground among differing cultures?

How To Define Your Brand Personality

They let others do all the talking for them. This simple yet very meaningful exercise should assist in defining the company name, the brand identity design as well as the brand atmosphere.

However, what about raising the idea that the standardization of Apple products may in fact precisely answer the requirement for cultural understanding? Luxury brands, such as Michael Kors and Chanel, lean towards sophistication.

That creates insane loyalty and attachment, because the local staff uses a personalized approach to communicate with customers. At the end of that exercise you will see which three personality archetypes have the most keywords associated with them.

Who is your brand as a person? Instead, the new apparel company can position itself uniquely in the mind of the customer by adopting a brand personality of sophistication. It is extremely important for a company to accurately define its brand personality so it resonates with the correct consumer.

Customers are more likely to purchase a brand if its personality is similar to their own. You think about how your brand wants to be perceived by your target audience — how it wants to make them feel.Brand association, which is defined as “anything linked in memory to a brand” is one of the major components of brand equity, and is greatly affected by the brand personality dimensions.

A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate; an effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment enjoys.

This personality is a qualitative value-add that a brand gains in addition to its functional benefits. Transcript of Apple's brand personality is about: consumer electronics industry with iPod, the smartphone market with the iPhone, and the tablet market with the iPad.

imagination, passion, hopes, dreams and aspirations, and it aims to empower people through technology. The Apple brand aims to make people's lives easier and it is a. Introduction: Brand personality is the attribution of human traits and characteristics to the brand name, so as to relate the personality of brand with a prospective customer and thereby increase the brand equity.

"The Brand Personality Of The Ipod Or Iphone" Essays and Research Papers The Brand Personality Of The Ipod Or Iphone Brand as a Person: "You now have to decide what 'image' you want for your brand.

A brand personality is ascribing a "set of human characteristics" to a brand. Brands that have a well-defined personality make the product relatable on a personal level—customers connect on a visceral level and have to have your product in their lives.

Describe the brand personality of the iphone
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