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Galston began to organize working meetings to think through communitarian approaches to key societal issues. Let me end with the question of why East Asians should look to communitarianism when the rich and diverse Confucian tradition can be drawn upon to express communitarian values.

This is largely practical work, however. The political left is chastised Essay on communitarianism just for supporting welfare rights economically unsustainable in an era of slow growth and aging populations, Essay on communitarianism also for shifting power away from local communities and democratic institutions and towards centralized bureaucratic structures better equipped to administer the fair and equal distribution of benefits, thus leading to a growing sense of powerlessness and alienation from the political process.

These political measures have been widely discussed in the recent literature on nationalism, citizenship, and multiculturalism KymlickaMillerMacedoTamir However, if revised moral understandings are not shared by the various communities of which modern men and women are members, people will find various measures of moral anarchy, social anomie, and alienation— according to the communitarian position.

Avineri, Shlomo, and Avner de-Shalit, eds. More specifically in the American context, communitarian thinkers such as Mary Ann Glendon indict a new version of rights discourse that has achieved dominance of late Glendon It is communitarianism that allows this to be law, while cosmopolitanism often seeks to intervene in cases such as this.

In other words, traditional intentionality is introduced at the point that our ordinary way of coping with things is insufficient. Or a gay liberation activist may claim that it is both impossible and undesirable for gays to repress their biologically-given sexual identity.

Much turns on empirical analyses of actual politics—to what extent our interest in community is indeed threatened by excess liberal politics, to what extent the state can play a role in remedying the situation, to what extent the nourishment of communal ties should be left to civil society, and so on.

Communitarianism Vs. Cosmopolitanism

For example, East Asian societies with a Confucian heritage will place great emphasis upon the value of education, and they may help to explain the large amount of spending on education compared to other societies with similar levels of economic development.

To this end, communitarians generally support social security programs, public works programs, and laws limiting such things as pollution. Rawls has since tried to eliminate the universalist presuppositions from his theory. In the early 21st century, responsive communitarians believed that the Scandinavian countries had achieved the best balance, though even there some individual rights were being curtailed for security reasons and in response to anti-immigrant sentiment.

The main problem is that the debate has been led by Asian leaders who seem to be motivated primarily by political considerations, rather than by a sincere desire to make a constructive contribution to the debate on universalism versus particularism.

Critics argued, however, that his position was untenable. Communitarians also favor political legislation that can help to restructure education in such a way that peoples deepest needs in membership and participation in psychological communities are tapped at a young age.

What Divides and Unites Societies. There are strong communitarian elements in many modern and historical political and religious belief systems—e.

Some, such as John DiIulio and outside Bush adviser Marvin Olaskyfavor religious solutions for communities, while others, like Etzioni and Galston, prefer secular approaches.

Thus there is no consensus on individual policies, but some that most communitarians endorse have been enacted. In short, this use of ill-informed examples may have unintentionally reinforced the view that there are few if any justifiable alternatives to liberalism in modern societies.

University of Pennsylvania Press. The Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor and the American political theorist Michael Sandel were among the most prominent scholars of this brand of communitarianism. If a state is infringing on the rights of the individual or humanity, then intervention is appropriate and just.Communitarianism Essay This example Communitarianism Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

Communitarianism Essay

If you need a custom essay or research paper on. Communitarianism is usefully contrasted with social democracy, which has succeeded in establishing a permanent presence alongside of and some- A UTHOR 'SNOTE: This essay wasfirstgiven as theJohn Dewey lecture at HarvardLaw School. Communitarianism Essay Communitarianism is a social and political philosophy that holds that there ought to be communal definitions of the good, in opposition to.

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Essay on Communitarianism: A Liberal Response - “The only way to identify the requirements of justice is to see how each particular community understands the value of social goods”(Kymlicka ).

This is the approach to justice from the communitarian. Communitarianism in the last few decades has sparked in popularity among political.

This essay is therefore divided in three parts, and for each part I present the main communitarian claims, followed by an argument (in each part) that philosophical concerns in the s have largely given way to the political concerns that motivated much of the communitarian critique in the first place.

Tams, H.,Communitarianism: A.

Essay on communitarianism
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