Extranet creates competitive advantages for companies essay

They developed programs in which employees live and work with customers which has led to many innovative and profitable products BLOCKER et al When the trust is built, it can result in customer re-purchasing.

The first strategy is product differentiation, which means the product can offer something different than the other product in the same category. If the company can find a way to eliminate this downtime, the number of outputs will be increased.

Extranets offer small businesses many other advantages: An example is the Muscle Milk. Extranets make business easier for your customers.

The goal is to persuade customer that they are able to get something special that other product cannot give them by buying this particular product.

What Are Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Extranets?

Success stories in the business world requires product differentiation or low prices or a combination of both, but the firm has to be able to know which strategy best suits it in its industry. FMCG have the feature of quick turnover and comparatively low cost.

It is important that cost is minimized at all fronts. The seventh strategy is making the difference purely through the packing. For example, the trend of saving money has led in some countries to the practice of selling sterilized milk at a lower price than that of refrigerated fresh milk.

They were able to cut cost by operating a no-frill carrier i.

Competitive advantage

If the product has no distinctive qualities, a direct communication with customers can compensate. They can design different product packaging, make a special formula of ingredients for a product, or create a particular brand name or slogan that makes the customers to have the perception that the product has something special etc Levitt, It means finding a special niche in the market that is very different form the best-known mass-market products.

The third is to reduce waste. But a study done by WRIGHT et al concluded that firms with combined strategies outperforms firms with specialized strategies. Company which are able to achieve high efficiency for the same service or product can have bigger profit margin by widening the gap between product cost and its selling prices.

By AllBusiness Editors In: Selecting the Right Competitive Strategy There are two schools of thought pertaining to how firms should choose the competitive strategy that best suits them. For example, milk producers in Canada position long-life milk as an attractive product for use in holiday homes and camping sites.

Competitive Advantages of Fmcg Companies

It helps to create a perception of receiving something of greater value than it offered to customers. Reduced margin of error. It is how firms survive in the market.

The third strategy is price differentiation. An example for this is the home-delivery of milk. For example, for a bottling manufacturer, during the bottling process, 10 gallons of liquid are spilled every day.

Can customer value be a source of CA? For instance, a machine break down is a waste of resources. Cost Leadership results in superior performance as long as the achievable price for the products or services is about the industry average. The key factor for long-standing growth is sustainability, which means the ability to maintain a competitive advantage.

Cost Leadership In this strategy, the company offers a matching product of its rivals, or an assortment of different products that consumers equally find attractive but at a lower cost. A company cannot just boast of providing superior performance or quality, it has to actually deliver the said quality and the customers or consumers have to be able to perceive and see it as well, which is what sets it apart from other products.

One is of the opinion that firms should choose one of the generic strategies and commit all resources to making it work.

FMCG have very short usage life, mostly within one year, and a lot of some are disposable. The product is still the same, but additional services will be offered. It is continually focused on efficient performance.

However, the cost advantage should not be used to counterbalance price discounts.The competitive advantages that an airline embrace, needs to be based on the airlines strategy and differentiation to competitors. Competitive Advantage Gained by Companies through IT Outsourcing This essay aims to discuss the different critiques drawn to the diamond network.

[tags: porter's diamond, competitive advantage]. Corporate Strategy "Sources of competitive advantage rarely yield added value that can be sustained over time." The following essay is going to attempt to assess the above proposition and try to find if it is possible to add value continually over a period of time.

Competitive advantage is gained by having the strengths and competencies which are hard to catch up by other companies.

The Benefits of an Extranet

Through these strengths and competencies, the business is able to differentiate its products and services, or significantly reduce its costs, or in other ways to stand out among its rivals.

How Technology Increases Competitive Advantage by Alexandrea Roman on October 13, and last updated on January 10, For many organizations, cost savings is one of the biggest reasons for moving to digital tools offered by solution providers.

This essay would now discuss what a competitive advantage is and how a company can build a competitive advantage over other competitors in the same industry by using two furnishing stores, Ikea and Courts as examples.

Intanet and Extranet Advantages and Disadvantages Introduction: This project paper is written on the topic “Intranet and Extranet”, the purpose of writing this paper is to define the difference between these two terms and where and how they.

Extranet creates competitive advantages for companies essay
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