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This approach to maximizing Getting things done is popular among the nerdegalian, probably because of its minimum bullshit approach to actually processing, classifying, and executing what the author David Allen calls "stuff to do.

Allen calls these sources Getting things done stress "open loops", "incompletes", or "stuff".

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In fact, Allen advises people to start with a paper-based system. When a small object is thrown into a pool of water, the water responds appropriately with a small splash followed by quiescence. Indeed, some parts of the system, like the tickler file work best that way.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

Evaluation meetings, bar mitzvahs, empty rolls of toilet paper, Getting things done lawn mowers, college applications, your big gut, tooth decay, dirty underwear and imminent jury duty all compete for prime attention in our poor, addled brains.

As GTD relies on external reminders, it can be seen as an application of the theories of distributed cognition or the extended mind. Aug 15, Jamie rated it really liked it Ironically, looking in to the GTD Getting Things Done system has been bouncing around in the Getting things done of my head as something to do for quite some time now.

No action is needed now, but something might need to be done later. Also built-in to the system are an ongoing series of reviews, in which you periodically re-examine your now-organized stuff from various levels of granularity to make sure your vertical focus individual projects and their tasks is working in concert with your horizontal focus side to side scanning of all incoming channels for new stuff.

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Put it where it belongs Reflect. Getting things done requires two basic components: I like to think of the system as an artificial, external, and infinitely scalable attention span that you can connect to and disconnect from as needed. GTD, in comparison, is prescriptive.

Allen argues that it is often difficult for individuals to focus on big picture goals if they cannot sufficiently control the day-to-day tasks that they frequently must face.

The goal of the control processes in GTD is to get everything except the current task out of your head and into this trusted system external to your mind. Again, the book is replete with practical tips, hacks, tools, and rules of thumb for deciding which of these things to do and how to keep it all straight.

Jeez Louise, what the hell am I, Superman? Themes[ edit ] Allen first demonstrates stress reduction from the method with the following exercise, centered on something that has entered your life that has an unclear outcome or where the next action is not defined.

Write down the next action to move toward the desired outcome Notice how you feel after the exercise compared to before it. Everything you keep has a clear reason for being in your life at any given moment—both now and well into the future.

He borrows a simile used in martial arts termed "mind like water". Those about things that have to happen on a specific day or time Those about things that just need to get done as soon as possible.

So I really like the book and its system.Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Getting Things Done by GTD® for ultimedescente.coms: 4.

The Getting Things Done methodology offers a practical yet elegant solution to staying on top of your work, whether it¿s a personal project like landscaping your yard, to that new B2B site that you¿re launching next week.4/5().

Sep 20,  · Explore the GTD® methodology for stress-free productivity.

Getting Things Done

Getting things done with adult ADHD requires unique time-management and focus strategies designed to increase productivity and decrease procrastination even when symptoms kick in. Sep 08,  · Getting Things Done succeeds because it first addresses a critical barrier to completing the atomic tasks that we want to accomplish in a given day.

That’s “stuff.” Amorphous, unactionable, flop-sweat-inducing stuff.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

David says: Here’s how I define “stuff:” anything you have allowed into. Written by David Allen, Narrated by David Allen. Download the app and start listening to Getting Things Done today - Free with a 30 day Trial!

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Getting things done
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