History classes in college

Because such courses sometimes presume some background knowledge, the instructor may recommend that students enroll in an appropriate introductory course before registering for an advanced elective.

They are intended to be taken by junior History majors; sophomores may enroll in these courses if they are planning on studying abroad in their junior year and if space permits.

Each seminar normally limited to fifteen students will investigate a topic in some depth and will require students to engage in research that leads to a substantial piece of historical writing. Focusing on those broad issues of methodology, epistemology, and historiography, these courses pose a number of questions: D Within each of these levels, courses are further divided by geographical area: Introductory Survey Courses HIST These courses are open to all students and are intended to provide a basic understanding of the history of peoples, countries, and geographic regions over relatively long time-spans.

They emphasize the acquisition of skills required for the advanced study of history and are ideal for students contemplating a major in History.

The different course levels are distinguished less by degree of difficulty than by the purposes that courses at each level are intended to serve and the background knowledge they presume. Although these seminars vary in topic and approach, each focuses on the discipline of history itself, on the debates over how to approach the past, on questions of the status of different kinds of evidence and how to use it, on the purpose of the study of history, and on the nature of the very enterprise to which historians commit themselves.

They provide students with the background necessary for advanced study at the and level and are also designed for the historical contextualization of subjects studied in other disciplines in order to formulate historically-informed opinions.

Types of Courses in the History Curriculum

Major Seminars HIST Major Seminars explore the nature and practice of history, are required for the degree in History, and are normally restricted to History majors. Preference in level courses is first and foremost given to senior History majors, especially those for whom the course is related to their concentration.

Only one course of each type may count towards the major. Enrollment may be limited. First-Year Seminars and Tutorials HIST First-year seminars and tutorials offer students an opportunity to explore a historical topic in depth, to learn about the discipline of history, and to improve their research and writing skills.

Because they serve as an introduction to the discipline, they are normally open only to first-year students, and, if space permits, sophomores; juniors and seniors are not permitted to register for them. All level seminars are limited to nineteen students and focus on training in research and close textual analysis; they also include varied assignments that collectively stress the mechanics of writing and revision.Dual Enrollment - College-level history classes taught by NOVA-certified instructors for high school students enrolled in local school systems.

See the Dual Enrollment program. Certificate. Public History and Historic Preservation Career Studies Certificate; Transfer Courses to Mason. An associate in arts degree in history provides a solid foundation for continued study at a four-year college or university.

Courses When you study history at OCCC, you’ll have the opportunity to take classes in. History of Western Civilization Our collection of online college classes for credit will help you find the course that's right for you.

We offer online college courses with transferable credit.

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Info for Students. History Internship (HIST ) Scholarships. Search and apply for scholarships; Faculty. Jay Antle Professor Bio. Chuck Bishop Professor Emeritus. Sarah Boyle Professor. Ed Boucher Adjunct Professor Bio.

Christopher Carey Adjunct Professor. Vincent Clark Professor Bio. Patrick Dobson Adjunct Professor. Jill Domoney Adjunct. Courses. Course Number Title Credit Hours Latin American Civilizations to Latin American Civilizations since and Sexuality History.

College of Arts and Sciences. Contact Us Dulles Hall Annie &. Ireland in Rebellion () - Free iTunes Video - Trinity College Dublin; Latin American History through the Novel - Free Online Video- Lois Zamora, University of Houston; 21 Hours of Lectures by Howard Zinn - Spotify - Boston University; Open Culture editor Dan Colman scours the web for the best educational media.

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History classes in college
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