Ocr a2 history coursework questions

Not only did Salah ad-Din make it his duty to build a new army strong enough to hold Egypt in all contingencies, but he made it his mission as the "true heir" of Nur ad-Din to re-establish his empire, starting with the occupation of Damascus.

It is kept here in case teachers wish to adapt the spreadsheet for other purposes. The essay must be based on the independent investigation of historical issue.

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About this resource This coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. The next five years were spent consolidating his position as the Sultan of Egypt. His strengths were often reflected in his exuberant personality, shrewd sense of political judgement, as well as mastery of military tact and skill.

In his dispatches to the caliphate in Baghdad following the capture of Amida, Salah ad-Din made a moral appeal for the rights to Mosul arguing that, "This alone stood in the way of the union of Islam and the recovery of Jerusalem.

Salah ad-Din achieved what no Muslim commander, for centuries before him ever attempted: Expansion bound the amirs to his cause because it promised material rewards, and this bond grew all the more effective as Salah ad-Din became the only ruler in the region able to offer such inducements on a grand scale.

Geography Cheney School year group: It should be Appendix - an example of annotated coursework. We are in one valley and those who think ill of us are in another.

The sheet is easy to edit if you need to. This is a coursework unit, with two 2,word pieces — one focusing on different historical interpretations and to carry out an historical investigation. Unit F Option A: Historian Stephen Humphrey wrote extensively about the structure of politics during the reign of Salah ad-Din and argued that it was not merely a one sided relationship.

The topic based essay will require more independent learning. Military genius was but one element in the combination of qualities he possessed which enabled him to fight crusaders successfully.

From the outset, it was clearly the most vigorous and dynamic power in the Nile Valley and Fertile Crescent. To all of Muslim forces, argues Gibb, he gave his complete confidence and expected of them equal loyalty in return.

English, Sciences, History and Art. The coursework sheet is completed in the same way with levels and marks, but is set to process Assignment 1 AO 1 to be marked out of 25, and Assignment 2 AO 2 and 3 to be marked out of You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Salah ad-Din possessed military virtues of high order; but his victories were due to his moral qualities which have little to do with strategic gifts.

A Level Exam Board: Individual Investigation of an aspect of language and Media text. This Excel file is designed to be used to input Year 11 GCSE mock grades Levels and Marks and will calculate total percentages, and map it against a rough set of grade boundaries.

Historical Interpretations and Investigations Coursework. Russian Revolutions —24 A2 help students develop the ability to study independently by guiding them plentiful material for the first part of this comparative Coursework option.

Ocr A2 History Coursework Independent Investigation

The army consisted of several regiments of white cavalrymen and approximately 30 Sudanese infantry. OCR Historical Interpretations and Investigations - This is a coursework unit, with two components — one focusing on Candidates take two units in the AS year and a further two units in the A2 year.

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History A-Level - Carterton Community Collegethe topics how to do my homework fast chosen for the a level history course demonstrate that history investigate the quality of evidence used to support their own Exam board: There are separate sheets for each of the 2 papers, and a third sheet for coursework marks.

There are spaces both for the answer level and the mark. This email address is being protected from spambots.GCE History Coursework Questions Contents Introduction 3 Example Question 1 – end of the Cold War 4 Example Question 2 – Russian rule () 5.

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An Excellent A2 History Coursework In 13 Easy Steps. A2 History coursework tips. Date: 18/02/ Hi, I've had almost no guidance by my teacher on how to go about answering the Interpretations question for OCR f History coursework.

I have started by. History subject information for GCSE History, A Level History, Entry Level History and Applied History qualifications - OCR.

Teacher Resources for OCR History OCR History, Teachers. PLEASE NOTE. This page no longer reflects the OCR coursework or controlled assessment requirements.

It is kept here in case teachers wish to adapt the spreadsheet for other purposes.

Ocr a2 history coursework questions
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