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Orientation Speech 2016

I have been here since July enjoying an indoor orientation program of my own, not precisely the same as the orientation that you have enjoyed, but perhaps there have been some similarities in the experience. By the time you graduate, the engineers here will know a lot about philosophy and the humanities students Orientation speech lot about calculus!

You are the Orientation speech we have set this beautiful stage. Duttawholly identified himself with the DAV ideals and made every effort to carve a place for the college among leading progressive educational institution. At the beginning of this century, an American could expect to live only to the age that I now am, about Under his stewardship, the college grew rapidly, in terms of both academic performance of Orientation speech and infrastructure.

Apart from the faculty who will continue to act as your mentors and informal sounding boards, the EHSAS Center and Writing Center provide a range of support services and are open beyond school hours.

The achievements of our students, academics a well as all other activities make us feel proud that we belong to this great institute. Without them, it would not be possible for me to do what I do and to advance Orientation speech mission of helping students young minds future builders of nation live their highest lives.

Learn more Transfer Students As you prepare for your Transfer Student Welcome or Transfer Student Orientation, we have sample schedules to give you an insight to your day. It is indeed a very unique privilege.

I remember very well, like it was yesterday, the day just about exactly 30 years ago today when I bid my own parents farewell after a similar ceremony at MIT. On behalf of the HU community, I take the liberty to thank the parents, guardians, inspirations, rishtaydaar: Today, you all -- students, anyway -- can expect to live until nearly the age of Second, the faculty is here for you.

We design New Student Orientation around you, helping to uncover the answers to the questions you have, and providing you information about campus resources, programs and services. But to say that your classmates are impressive is not to say that anyone should ever be intimidated.

To help your student prepare for their session review all the information we have put together for you.

Welcome New Students!

Uberoi —Shri J. And ever after, I wondered why all my colleagues were there. Choose courses that cohere. Our cofounders, the first cohort, came in to an incomplete campus in a completely unknown university.

But I give this advice: But I hope that none of you will lose sight of how special this time in your life is. Follow a program towards your objectives. The people around you. You are all different. That is what we are all here for.

Sample Orientation Speech

Download Tips on Preparing an Orientation Speech The problems Orientation speech by most keynote speech is that it is too boring and overwhelming. He talked about how, during his undergraduate years, he had studied English and had studied furniture because he knew that for the rest of his life, he would be studying medicine and biology.

So that when the time comes, you are now ready and you are in control of your speech. Their passion, work ethic and engagement with the curriculum have made them a fantastic new addition to the community. Do not talk the entire time. The eagle is the symbol for quiet power and scope we must open our lenses, like the eagle, to see the forest and the trees, and to spot opportunities to create synergy by joining individual parts of our lives to make a greater more dynamic whole person — a person who understands the meaning of team and time.

Arora — all worked relentlessly to uphold the glorious traditions of DAV. But you will come to understand what I believe is most important about this place -- that it is a center of new and original thought and ideas. So thank you cofounders. Let me say a word about your class, a word about Harvard and what it means, a word about the great things we can do together, and finally, a final thought for your families.

Orientations are not that formal. And it is ideas that are ultimately most important in this world. For his successor, Shri Shanti Narayanthe college was a valuable instrument to serve the society.

Having just returned to Harvard, I think of myself as a member of your class. This University is, above all, founded on a core conviction that ideas, their development, and their transmission are what is ultimately most important.

The strong interpersonal relationship between the students and teachers helps in delivering and deriving the benefits of a holistic educational system.This 10 second video gives a very elaborate introspect into the skills required in just in time for when you will be graduating.

All programs at Habib University teach exactly these things and more. WELCOME SPEECH ON INDUCTION PROGRAM. Schedule of the induction programme ( am to pm) Good morning Ladies and gentlemen, Honorable Authorities, fellow faculty3/5(4). Orientation speech is not made by a speech writer, It is the organization that manages these speeches.

An orientation speech is just as important as persuasive speech. It needs to be clear and informative so that the audience will not lose track of the things the speaker said. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Sophilo School of Design.

7 Orientation Speech Examples & Samples

Jean Cocteau once said, “Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.” But the things style is expressing and the ways in which they are expressed are constantly changing. Just look at the fashion of the last. The college was founded by the DAV College Managing Committee on July 26, in the sacred memory of Mahatma Hans Raj, a pioneer in the field of education The founding Principal of the college, the late Dr.

G. L. Dutta ( ), wholly identified himself with. Orientation is an opportunity for you to learn how to navigate campus and introduce you to the Wildcat community. During the program, you will begin to build a network of resources that will help you to start your UA journey on the right path.

Orientation speech
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