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The longest poem in the selection, but the one least in need of commentary. It becomes a 67 hour a week treadmill — a rat race that only a rat can win. I rise into the mirror rested. For all his callousness to my mother, I had long accepted him.

Such an image is called synaesthesia, the combining of the experience of one sense with that of another — as, for instance, in our literally experiencing a sound as green, which some people are naturally able to do. Born in Port Macquarie, raised in Coffs Harbour, worked in Sydney and now teaching in America, Gray presents an eclectic view of the world.

Robert Gray Poetry – HSC English Discovery

Many rich people from South Africa and Asia have to make serious adjustments to their domestic and social lives when they could no longer afford to have servants in the Western world. Wilde lived in England where the privileged upper classes felt it beneath their dignity to work. Knowing all that he does about us, how can he avoid a hatred of men?

We seldom reflect on how it got there. He often drank alone at the RSL club, and had been known to wear a carefully considered tie Robert gray meatworks get drunk in the sandhills, watching the sea. A sour smoke is hauled out everywhere, thin, like rope.

Needs And Interests Of Students Students will be engaged by the minutely observed scenes and encounters that Gray portrays in his poems, and the precision of his language. And the water sways solidly in its silver basin, so cold it joins together through my hand.

He has a precise grasp of sensory detail, often using all of the five senses. We get out and move about also. It is a man, wiping his eyes. Her care you could watch reappear like the edge of tidal water in salt flats, about everything.

As a modern poet, Gray relies on the linguistic features of strong verbs, truncated sentences and ellipsis — messages are implicit and we need to fill in the gaps. We experience a revelation at the end of this poem, too.

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This is how it shall be after men have gone. Now the distant buildings are stencilled in the smoke. A waterbird lifts above this swamp as a turtle moves on the Galapagos shore.

And standing where I see the mirage of the city I realize I am in the future. There is a fog over the hot sun. I washed at a tap down beside the changing sheds, stepping about on mud. To brush and dent the hat which one would doff, or to look about, over each of us, and then unfold a napkin to allow the meal, in that town where probably all of the men sat to eat of a hot evening without a shirt, with his passion.

We got to take meat home — bags of blood; red plastic with the fat showing through. The poems selected for study are: It was as though there were two of her, a harassed person, and a calm, that saw what needed to be done, and seemed to step through her, again. The only work was at this Works.

With him, manner had subsumed all of feeling. This care for things, I see, was her one real companion in those years. It appears we are working harder and for longer hours, - for what? One of those particular moments is mentioned at the end of the poem. This stanza is used to break open a sentence and spread it across a verse-space, like a vista, or it can slow down, with its tight lines, the progress of the description.Commentary on Poems set for the HSC and VCE exam.

I have written these brief but I hope suggestive notes to ease my conscience, on finding that poems I made many years ago, for my own pleasure, are now a cause of anxiety to students. Background. Robert Gray was born in and grew up in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

He is an Australian poet whose work has for many years been taught for the Higher School Certificate. Robert Gray trained as a journalist and worked in Sydney as an editor, advertising copywriter, reviewer, buyer for bookshops and teacher of creative writing.

Recognised as one of Australia’s foremost contemporary poets, Gray writes about what he knows, the Australian littoral landscapes; where land and water meet. Robert Gray and Christo Erasmus, both explore the concept of self discovery but alter the discovery to being either new and refreshing or challenging and confronting.

“Journey, North Coast” written by poet Robert Gray, demonstrates the self discovery of a concealed environment. As the title suggests, this poem raises a number of issues dealing with food and work.

Most of us view our food from the safe perspective of a supermarket where meat has been cleanly sliced, hermetically sealed in pre - packaging and tantalisingly displayed.

The Meatworks

The Meatworks. Most of them worked around the slaughtering. out the back, where concrete gutters. crawled off. heavily, and the hot, fertilizer-thick, sticky stench of blood. sent flies mad, but I settled for one of the lowest-paid jobs, making mince, the furthest end from those bellowing.

Robert gray meatworks
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