Security information affecting investment decision a

Financial market, characterized as capital market and money market, contains investment opportunities for individuals and businesses with surplus funds, at the same time it is the cheapest sources of financing for businesses with deficiency of capital.

The results obtained show that the examples of people attaining financial security through share investment have the maximum level of influence over the investors. Journal of Finance and Accounting.

The broad objective is to describe the factors influencing investment policies of Bangladeshi investors and their trading approaches. Implications for information security vendors, firms, and social planner are discussed.

In addition, a risk tolerant person would seek out high-risk investments, even if they add little to his or her portfolio. Even with all mutual funds, an investment is not insured or guaranteed by the Government of Bangladesh or any other government agency.

Sevil, Sen, and Yalama aimed at understanding the decision processes of small investors trading in Istanbul stock exchange and found that investors are not completely rational as perceived by traditional finance theories.

This study investigates the factors that have influenced the share investment decisions of a sample of investors in Khulna City.

Companies can concentrate on particular profitability ratios if they would know the level of influences over the customers, and shape up their future company policies and strategies. Stock and mutual fund prices generally fluctuate because o the interplay of the various market forces that may affect a single issuer, industry or the financial market of the country.

A risk tolerant investor will pursue higher potential reward investments even when there is a greater potential of loss. If he cannot earn at par with the rise in prices, the real rate of return will be negative. The results indicated that besides satisfying the financial needs investors also struggle to satisfy socially oriented needs.

In the complementary case, we show that the firms have a natural incentive to share security knowledge and no external influence to induce sharing is needed. These investors see rewards as contingent upon their own behavior. Statement of the Problem This study aims to get into a critical diagnosis about the key factors influencing investment behavior, and ways these factors impact on trading-decision making process among people of different age groups, educational background and occupation which is concentrated only in the stock market.

They found that value relevance of book values had increased but the value relevance of earnings had decreased over the period. Statement of the Problem 1. Government and Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] should be taking care of a sound investing economic environment so that investors interest is safe guarded and ensures the sought after financial growth in the country.Investment decision making is a challenging activity for investors, especially in the dynamic environment with multidimensional alternatives.

Investment decisions cannot be made in a vacuum by depending on the personal.

We study the relationship between decisions made by two similar firms pertaining to knowledge sharing and investment in information security. The analysis shows that the nature of information assets possessed by the two firms, either complementary or substitutable, plays.

• To determine if the identified factors influence individual investors decision in the share market investment • To identify the ranking of the factors influencing investment decision making process and choosing company shares.

2. Literature Review. Research in behavioral finance is. in recent years as well as the need to understand the behaviour of investment advisers in Nairobi Security Exchange market and the factors that influence their investment decision.

The study was carried to investigate Factors Affecting Investment Decision in Portfolio Management a. Our findings indicate that the information security investment decision-making process contains 14 phases and 16 concepts that affect and are affected by these phases.

The study shows that the decision-making process is heavily biased by different organizational and psychological factors. More about Security Information Affecting Investment Decision: a Case Study on Eastern Bank Limited The Impact of Information Technology on Banking Services (Case Study of .

Security information affecting investment decision a
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