The impact of rennie harris

I have no single message for the audience. Hip-hop dance became a part of everyday life for Harris. This section is a counter-balance from the natural machismo of hip-hop dance and a chance for Harris and his dancers to explore how women translate hip-hop movement.

Harris uses movement to explore these historical happenings and the progression of civil liberties in the U. He truly believes that hip-hop is the purest form of movement in that it honors both its heritage from African and African American-Latino forms, and honors the individual.

In doing this he is maintaining the sophistication of the art of dance. Why title this work "Free? These programs provide structured and constructive activities for at risk-youth, encourage creativity and literacy, and build self-confidence.

Dedication and passion like his are unmatched in other hip-hop choreographers of our time. These groups opened and performed with such acts as: Harris founded his company based on the belief that hip-hop is the most important original expression of a new generation. The Impact of Rennie Harris The Impact of Rennie Harris Katherine Baker Dance Appreciation Online 27 April The Impact of Rennie Harris When one imagines the dance style of Hip-Hop, what most likely comes to mind is either a group of young men and women gathered in an alley, forming a circle and watching someone move their body to the beats of fast spoken rap lyrics, or one might envision the scenes of a 50 Cent music video with young women shaking their derriere in the camera.

His life has been devoted to bringing hip-hop dance to all people in the belief that hip-hop expresses universal themes that extend beyond racial, religious, and economic boundaries, and one that because of its pan-racial and transnational popularity can help bridge these divisions. It is amazing to see the way children respond to learning hip-hop dance and culture, in all its forms.

Illadelph Legends served as a model for many street dance festivals who now focus on workshops and classes only. Illadelph Legends is the first hip-hop dance festival to specifically feature and promote technical classes and workshops on the history and theory with the pioneers and historians of street dance young and old.

Rennie Harris Puremovement[ edit ] InRennie Harris formed, Rennie Harris Puremovement, the company created to further his efforts to preserve and disseminate hip-hop culture.

One of their most popular lecture. In Harris founded Rennie Harris Puremovement, a hip-hop dance company dedicated to preserving and disseminating hip-hop culture through workshops, classes, hip-hop history lecture demonstrations, long term residencies, mentoring programs and public performances.

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The work that has been done by Rennie Harris is admirable to say the least. The work questions whether we now are truly free or not. This is a genre that is only going to continue to grow and become more popular, and thankfully there are groups like RHPM to continue to educate people on the unique artistic values of the hip-hop dance style.

Lorenzo "Rennie" Harris Photo: All of these events happened in Harris grew up entrenched in hip-hop as an African-American and Latino art form, in all its forms-music, dance, language-Harris has embraced the culture and sought to honor the legacy of hip-hop.

Because the work is so diverse, fusing classical text with hip-hop vocabulary, and mixing hip-hop music with rock, modern and classical sounds, the work has the power to touch many different lives.

Rennie Harris, known by many as the ambassador of hip-hop community brings something very different to the table. With its roots in the inner-city African-American and Latino communities, hip-hop can be characterized as a contemporary indigenous form, one that expresses universal themes that extend beyond racial, religious, and economic boundaries, and one that because of its pan-racial and transnational popularity can help bridge these divisions.

Works Cited Fellow, Rose. The festival began in when guest artists and students came from around the world to Kumquat Dance Center in Philadelphia, Pa, for a week of classes, lecture demonstrations, panel discussions, jam sessions and performances.

Commercial career[ edit ] Rennie Harris started his career by forming dance groups during his teens, such as the GQ group called, The Step Masters and a popping crew called, The Scanner Boys.

Focusing primarily on teaching technique, philosophy, history and aesthetic of street dance. While this male point of view has always been a source of strength for Harris, in Facing Mekka he sought to expand and grow by choreographing a work specifically for women.

He is a powerful spokesperson for the significance of street origins in any dance style. I generally deal with the movement first, rather than focusing just on the subject matter. Rennie worked for the TV dance shows: What is most fascinating to Harris is how they have infused his movement with their own sense of dynamics and qualities.

This creates a very educational experience for the students. An interesting lesson that comes along with this is the lesson of theatre etiquette, teachers are sent an informative packet illustration the rules and proper behavior in a theatre to hare with their students.

These activities are aimed opening up dialogue about racism and other areas of discrimination, and teach respect and appreciation for hip-hop culture.

The Impact of Rennie Harris

Teachers included, Don Campbell creator of Campbell Locking i. Johnson which prohibited discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, religious affiliation, color or national origin in schools, workplaces and public facilities.

He has brought these social dances to the concert stage, creating a cohesive dance style that finds a cogent voice in the theater. What do you hope audiences take away from the work?Rennie Harris Funkedified currently under creation is a multi-media work that celebrates funk music and street dance of the ’s and is set against the landscape of a video montage of African American communities of that ultimedescente.comr: Rennie Harris.

Lorenzo (Rennie) Harris, Artistic Director and Choreographer, celebrates hip-hop culture on his own terms by using some of the world’s most influential forms of movement, music, and storytelling to revolutionize contemporary concert dance.

Rennie (Lorenzo) Harris has been known to mix Shakespeare with hip hop, poetry, rap music and movement. He is a pioneer in performing, choreographing, teaching and bringing the African-American dance form hip hop to a worldwide audience. Profile: Lorenzo (Rennie) Harris was born and raised in an African-American community in North Philadelphia.

Since the age of 15, Harris has been teaching workshops and classes at universities around the country and is a powerful spokesperson for the significance of “street” origins in any dance style.

Rennie Harris (born Lorenzo Harris on January 28, ) is a dancer, choreographer, artistic director and professor of hip-hop dance.

Harris formed the first and longest running hip-hop dance touring company, Rennie Harris Puremovement in Free Essay: Katherine Baker Dance Appreciation (Online) 27 April The Impact of Rennie Harris When one imagines the dance style of Hip-Hop, what most.

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The impact of rennie harris
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