Tony fernandes educational background

When the music industry failed to adapt quickly to the internet, Tony Fernandes decided to make a clean break.

The story of Tony Fernandes and AirAsia

Any contribution of ideas for the benefit of the organisation is well accepted and the management rewards these outstanding ideas. Generosity — Fernandes is legendary for his personal and corporate generosity. Support from the government — As in most societies, entrepreneurs cannot go against the government but need their support.

Instead, Fernandes, who left Malaysia at the age of 12 to study at Epsom College in Surrey, England, and then graduated from London School of Economics, had other plans.

Believing in talents within the organisation and inspiring employees to achieve their dream as he believes everybody have their own dreams just like him. Instead of starting from scratch, Mahathir advised Fernandes to buy an existing airline.

He planned to step down and hand over the position of co-chairman to Amit Bhatia. What are his success strategies? He believed Malaysian travellers would embrace a cut-rate air service that would save them time and money, especially in a tight economy.

Other ventures[ edit ] InFernandes started a hotel chain, Tune Hotelsbased on the no frills concept. He was made a CBE in PT Awair, re-launched as a low fare airline on 8 December and subsequently renamed Indonesia AirAsia, presently serves 5 domestic destinations in Indonesia.

Before the creation of AirAsiacountries in the region did not have open-skies agreements. You might also like. There was no turning back.

12 Strategies of Success from AirAsia’s Founder Tony Fernandes

On 27 AprilFernandes announced that his company had purchased Caterham Cars. But he had no experience of running an airline.

Following a goalless draw with relegation rivals Reading on 28 Aprilboth teams were relegated to the Championship. For all his entrepreneurial nous, Fernandes has made questionable ventures in other arenas — in Britain, most famously buying up football club QPR and seeing it overreach itself in terms of salaries for star players who failed to deliver.

No need to become accountants, but we all need a good understanding of accounting and finance.The story of Tony Fernandes and AirAsia.

When he was six years old, he announced that he will start an airline and his father, a physician, quipped, "if you make past the doorman of.

 Background of Tony Fernandes Tony Fernandes was born on 30 April in Kuala Lumpur to an Indian father who was originally from Chennai, India and a Christian Eurasian mother of mixed Portuguese and Malaccan descent.

He was educated at Epsom College from to and graduated from London School of Economics in Tony Fernandes and his business partner, Kamaruddin Meranun, took over airline AirAsia in after paying one ringgit.

Tony Fernandes

Their goal was to build a low-cost carrier that would make air travel Founder: B. C. Forbes. Bold vision — Tony Fernandes has a bold, global and long-range vision for his various companies.

Background Of Tony Fernandes Essay Sample

As a child, he dreamt of three things: running an airline, owning an English football club and owning a Formula One racing team. Tony Fernandes' seat at Loftus Road On 18 Augustjust three months after Queens Park Rangers' promotion back to the Premier League following a year absence, Fernandes was unveiled as their majority shareholder, having bought Bernie Ecclestone 's 66% stake.

Sep 26,  · Mr. Tony Fernandes co-founded Tune Money Sdn Bhd in Dato' Sri. Fernandes is the Owner of AirAsia and has been its Group Chief Executive Officer \Group Chief Executive Director since December.

Tony fernandes educational background
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