Tourism development and external impacts essay

Although economy can considerably benefit from, people believe that lowering of the standards of living, inconvenience and loss of cultural and social values do not worth these benefits.

It also allowed more tourists and visitors to visit Tourism development and external impacts essay island, leading to the gaps in such problems as traffic jams, lack of parking, increased crime, and pollution of water and land resources, especially in high season.

Revenues from tourism are growing, adding to the national budget.

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From an environmental point of view, tourism is one of the forms of nature usage. In developing countries, tourism is the driving force in almost all sectors of the economy: Negative impacts of tourism on the environment, which has recently been underestimated, are now becoming an object of close attention of the international community.

Nature and territories of attention of tourists are vulnerable and fragile, and recreational resources are finite, they are irreplaceable and have limited opportunities. Brent Ritchie and Charles R. Tourism is a powerful incentive for the creation of water treatment facilities, garbage disposal mechanisms, and favorable environmental conditions are the basic requirement for tourism.

A third advantage of tourism is a multiplier effect, as the cost of tourism is processed by local economy. Reasons for environmental concern Transportation of international tourists is now carried out by planes, which annually consume a huge amount of kerosene.

The present paper is devoted to the discussion of the environmental impacts of tourism and contains discussion of economic benefits of tourism compared to its ecological impacts. Principles, Processes, and Policies.

Many European capitals witness mass departure of local citizens, who are trying to escape from summer flow of tourists. Assessing the economic impacts of travel and tourism Measuring economic costs. Secondly, the usage of vehicles, which use gasoline and produce the same effect.

On the one hand, the mass of visitors coming with the main purpose to visit Yellowstone provides a very substantial income for the entire state of Montana, where the park is situated: The government has taken the action to restrict the number of visitors to avoid the environmental catastrophe in the future.

It is necessary to admit that unsustainable intensive tourism development often leads to some local environmental catastrophes. Simultaneously, the development of tourism depends mainly on the quality of the environment and natural diversity. This produces a special kind of landscape - recreational.

Experience Yellowstone National Park in the United States, one of the first "cradles" of tourism, illustrates the contradictory tendencies that the development of such tourism may lead to. Tourism growth leads to increased local demand for commodity products and the development of local markets in each sector Frechtling, At the same time, no branch of the global economy, except, depends so greatly on the purity of the water, beaches, air and the ideal state of nature, such as tourism.

Positive economic impacts of tourism Examples of negative impact of tourism on the environment are numerous, but at the same time, tourism can have a positive impact and contribute to the sustainable development, providing welfare and social progress.

The main reason for the increase of the island population was the development of infrastructure construction of ports, expansion of the network of roads, dykes, etc.

Together with the development of the tourism industry accommodation, bars, etc. The concentration of visitors in the park reached a critical level, so communion with nature the main purpose of their visit has become almost impossible.

Critics of this tax argue that scheme of tax system organization is not representative and leads to reckless money spending and has little to do with tourism development and improvement of the hospitality industry.

Secondly, although being less beneficial, but still having the right for existence, the support of the industry and its professions such as consultants of effective management, tourism and university teachers, etc.

Tourism development requires an involvement of human activity in the natural resources.Impacts of Tourism Development Words | 23 Pages. Sustainable tourism is an industry that attempts to make a low impact on the environment and local culture while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.

Tourism Development And External Impacts. Introduction; The aim of this report is to establish the structure of the tourism industry, examine the trends in the nature of demand for tourism and to evaluate the implications of tourism for two contrasting countries.3/5(3).

Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism Essay. A+. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. We will write a custom essay sample on Negative Economic Impacts of Tourism specifically for you for only $ $/page. amortization of external debt incurred in the development of hotels and resorts.

The impact of the. The main aim why governments should devise a tourism development strategy is initially to regulate and handle the negative areas of the tourism industry, mainly the negative social and environmental effects.

Examples of negative impact of tourism on the environment are numerous, but at the same time, tourism can have a positive impact and contribute to the sustainable development, providing welfare and social progress.

This is, therefore, a point of argument in favor of both positive and negative impacts of tourism (Murrayp). Some of the positive effects of tourism include the development of positive attitudes towards one another (Deardon and Harronp.


Tourism development and external impacts essay
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