Using ccp to write an autoethnography

The futuristic medium of video, which promises total instant recall of all history, has an apocalyptic edge to it in Sans Soleil, as if the special properties of film to dialectically produce irrevocable loss and an eternal present tense are in jeopardy.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important so the developing fetus is born healthy. She performs herself by dressing up, wearing different wigs and makeup, and offering lingering close-ups of different parts of her face and body.

Her first-person voice-over narration is confessional and poetic, rhetorical and playful, occasionally synchronized with her moving lips. The imperial eye looking back on itself is also a subject in history.

Touch is important to me.

Many scenes shot in Lithuania, and in Austria with Kubelka, feature people "playing" like children, running about hands held high.

Diary filmmaking, autobiographical filmmaking, and personal videos can all be subsumed within what Michael Renov has described as the "essayistic" impulse in recent film and video.

His loss is far more metaphysical and is compounded by his chosen medium of representation, the cinema. The eruption of Mt. The camera is explicitly situated as an extension of his vision, but also of his body. The implied comparison with "Africa" is between hyperdevelopment and underdevelopment, both of which refer back to a notion of the "regular development" of he First Euro-American World.

The rhetorical strategies of the narration place the images at a distance that takes on the aspect of memory: His diary project, which comprises about thirteen hours of edited footage, 16 is testimony to his commitment to these twin goals.

His speech, in other words, originates in a body that is fully part of industrialized modernity. Growing up, I was surrounded by these beautiful landmarks.

Mekas tells us that there is something inherent within cinematic representation that dislocates the self. Some people find this to be weird because they are not used to it but it is something I have grown up in and do not realize I do it.

His extensive use of classical music and folk songs provides the films with an emotional register that is lacking from the relatively neutral image track. The longing for the past that Mekas expresses constructs memory as a means of splitting oneself across a number of different axes: As personal cinema becomes the foundation of cultural critique, "ethnicity" becomes something forged from experience and is reconfigured as a vital form of knowledge.

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FIGURE 5: CAPTURE MODE BLOCK DIAGRAM CCPRxH CCPRxL TMR1H TMR1L Set. Autoethnography is defined as a form of autobiographical writing andan approach to research that describes and analyzes personal experience as a way to understand cultural experiences.

Autoethnography: Journeys of the Self. Autoethnography is a vehicle and a strategy for challenging imposed forms of identity and exploring the discursive possibilities of inauthentic subjectivities.

prefaced by the usual "He used to write to me," is the claim that "my constant comings and goings are not a search for contrasts. They are. Autoethnographic Reflections: Autoethnography as a They interact, they take note, they photograph, moralize, and write‖ (, p.

16). Autoethnographic writing involves personal expression about a particular event or situation. It‘s not just writing about what you think or how you feel about.

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Apr 20,  · For my Autoethnography, I am going to look at my writing and try to create my own definition for I. I think it is going to be interesting looking over all of my papers and try to figure out why I wrote what I did or if I have any comparisons with my other papers.

It is easy to write about my family since it is a fond memory I.

Using ccp to write an autoethnography
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