Writing a recommendation letter for a job

Many employers request recommendation letters to help them decide who to hire or internally promote. As you write your letter, make sure it does the following: I know that Joe was a huge piece of our success. Each letter will, of course, be different, but good letters share certain key features.

His knowledge of sales etiquette and expertise in cold calling was a huge advantage to our entire office.

In the first paragraph, you should explain who you are and how you know the candidate. He is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees.

Here's a Template to Write a Perfect (and Personalized!) Letter of Recommendation

The candidate should provide you with everything you need to know to customize your letter. Using two to three specific anecdotes in your letter will boost its level of persuasiveness. You quickly glance over the subject line, and your eyes catch on one word: It will also sidestep a common rec letter trap: Just as you should only write a recommendation letter if you feel qualified to assess the candidate, you should also only write it if you can provide a great one.

You hate writing—meaning this duty is way more challenging and overwhelming than anything you feel prepared to tackle right now.

Joe is inspired by challenges, and never intimidated by them.

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Read on to learn about three important characteristics of strong reference letters. By drawing on this information, you can express confidence that the candidate will succeed in the new role.

Some employers will also be interested in letters from a colleague or, occasionally, a friend, neighbor, or family member. Uses Specific Examples and Anecdotes Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your letter should provide specific examples about the candidate.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend [Name] to join your team at [Company]. Below are nine sample recommendation letters, each followed by an analysis of what it does well! But, I know that filling in those blanks is one of the toughest parts.

Why are they important, and what makes some stand out over others? Best wishes, The Example Seems simple enough, right?

Why Are Recommendation Letters Important? Immediately, your stomach drops. If an employer wants a professional reference, then the writer of that letter probably worked with the candidate in a supervisory capacity. Beyond that, he is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence.

If someone who feels like a relative stranger asks you to write a letter, you might consider declining or recommending someone else to write it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Joe, and came to know him as a truly valuable asset to any team.

As a dedicated and knowledgeable employee and an all-around great person, I know that he will be a beneficial addition to your organization.

Joe and I worked together at Generic Sales Company, where I was his manager and direct supervisor from Throughout the hiring process, the applicant strives to present herself in the best light. He is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working.Recommendation Business Letter Format Example Here is a recommendation was written by a manager, using business letter format.

Recommendation Letter Template Use this template as a starting point for writing your own letter of recommendation. A recommendation for your career It's always a smart idea to offer to write a letter of recommendation for a colleague who you know is well qualified for the job in question.

Consider it good career karma; after all, you never know when you'll need a letter of recommendation for yourself, and your colleague may be happy to return the favor. Here’s how this letter would turn out if I were writing a recommendation for Joe, a hypothetical sales employee I’d previously managed.

Dear Mrs. Smith, It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Joe Adams for the Sales Manager position with The Sales Company. Anyone who’s applied for a job knows how important recommendation letters can be to getting hired. While you've probably asked for a reference letter in the past, you may be less familiar with writing one.

When you are writing a more general recommendation, ask the subject of your letter to outline their targets for employment. Ask them for an example or two of jobs they are applying for.

Writing a recommendation letter for a job
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